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Premium Whey Products

Agri-Mark Middlbury, Vermont, plant from the air

Agri-Mark's facility in Middlebury, Vermont

First, as the premier dairy cooperative in the Northeastern United States of America, we start with premium Grade A, the highest USDA quality standard for fluid milk, and r-BST-free farm-fresh milk, collected from our 850 dairy farm families in New England and New York State.

Then, at our three cheese plants in Vermont and New York State, we manufacture award-winning Cabot brand of Vermont Cheddar, butter and other dairy products in addition to the McCadam brand of New York Cheddar and Pepper Jack.

Finally, at our facility in Middlebury, Vermont (pictured above), approved by the USDA as plant 50-40, we process all the whey generated from our cheese plants and exclusively from our plants to maintain our high-quality standards.

In additional to meeting Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level III Quality Standards since 2009, with a latest excellent score of 96%, our facility is approved by the European Union and certified Kosher and Halal by the respective authorities.

We market three premium whey powders:

  • WPC 80: Regular, Heat-Stable and Instant
  • Dry Sweet Whey
  • Dairy Product Solids (aka Modified Whey and Whey Permeate)

For more information about our premium whey powders, please e-mail us at

Premium milk protein products

As a premier dairy cooperative, Agri-Mark also manufactures Non-Fat Dry Milk and Buttermilk Powder at our West Springfield, Massachusetts, plant — USDA Plant 25-18. We supply low heat, medium heat and high heat dry milk primarily in eastern U.S. markets. Buttermilk power is sold primarily as an ice-cream application. Agri-Mark exclusively markets these products through Dairy America, an association of producer-owned dairy cooperatives.

To learn more about Whey and Milk Protein Products, e-mail us at

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