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Agri-Mark is a Dairy Farmer Cooperative that Markets its Members' Milk in Many Innovative Ways.

The Agri-Mark dairy cooperative is one of the largest suppliers of farm fresh milk in New England, marketing more than 300 million gallons of farm fresh milk each year for 700 of the region's dairy farm families. Agri-Mark serves members whose farms are located in all six New England states and New York State.

The cooperative's employees take our farmers' high quality milk and create award-winning Cabot and McCadam products such as New York and Vermont Cheddar Cheese, European style cheeses, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter and yogurt. Agri-Mark also markets milk to dairy product dealers throughout the eastern United States.

The cooperative owns and operates four dairy plants: two in Vermont, one in Massachusetts and one in New York. The co-op also operates a large cut and wrap operation in Vermont. In addition to Cabot's and McCadam's branded products, Agri-Mark also manufactures condensed blends for ice cream and bakery items, as well as bulk cheese, butter, non-fat milk powder and whey products for a variety of food service and ingredient uses. The cooperative's manufacturing plants also work to even out seasonal milk supply-and-demand imbalances in the market, helping to increase pay prices for all Northeast farmers.

Agri-Mark has a large staff of trained milk quality specialists who work daily with farmers to ensure that they comply with all federal, state and cooperative regulatory rules. The end result is that our farmers produce only premium quality milk for consumers 365 days per year. If you purchase a dairy product made from Agri-Mark member milk, you can be sure you are buying the very best!

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